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Casein FX

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  • BETTER ABSORPTION: CASEIN-FX is fortified with new ACTIVASE Enzyme Activation Technology that literally increases the amount of absorption-ready amino acids to continually fuel your gains. With Activase there are 4 unique forms of protein-digesting enzymes that each work at different stages of digestion, providing up to 4 times the level of digestible Amino Acids from Protein!
  • CONTINUAL GAINS: The 8 to 10 hours of sleep you need is the longest period of time you will go without protein. During this time, you’re missing an opportunity to keep building muscle! Consuming CASEIN-FX prior to sleeping (or any time you will be without a high protein meal for a significant time) will keep your muscle from breaking down.
  • PREMIUM PROTEIN, PURE RESULTS: 100% free of any Non-Protein Amino Acids. Gluten-Free, Kosher certified and Lab Tested to ensure the purity, quality and potency you have come to expect from ALLMAX. At a nearly 80% protein yield, you’re getting a low-carb, no sugar added meal that tips the balance of daily protein intake in your favor.
  • GREAT FOR THOSE WITH FOOD SENSITIVITIES: Includes Lactase, a Lactose digesting enzyme that helps to prevent bloating, gas or indigestion that can occur with other proteins! If you’re sensitive to Lactose from Dairy, then this is the ideal Protein for you!
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR SCOOP: Gone are the days of digging through your protein to get your scoop. SCOOP-LOCK is ergonomically designed to lock your scoop into place the first time and every time it’s right there at the top of your protein when you open it!

Directions: Blend, Mix, or Shake 1 rounded scoop (33g) with 1 cup of cold water or low-fat milk. Take before sleeping to ensure 8 to 10 hours of sustained protein digestion throughout the night. 

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